Ed Neigh was a world-class performer, adjudicator and above all teacher of highland bagpipe music.  The mission of this website is to share the vast amount of instructional materials and recordings that Ed produced during his lifetime. His series of instructional piobaireachd recordings will be of particular interest to students of the classical music of the highland bagpipe as they are unlike any other instructional materials in existence for this style.  In addition, there will be recordings of several different types presented.  These will include classes taught at the Toronto Branch workshop More Ceol Mor!, Ed performing Piobareachd on the pipes and recordings where Ed is being instructed by Donald MacLeod or John MacFadyen.  All recordings and materials on this website are free and available to use for non-commercial purposes.  Recordings will be posted more or less once a month.  Please join our mailing list if you would like to be notified as more recordings are made available.

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